Immersive art experiences have been on the rise for some years as a way to fight the declining interest in traditional art forms. These exhibitions fuse art, music and technology, creating immersive environments of educational importance designed for new types of public. The urge to satisfy this growing demand has led us to create an absolutely immersive, captivating and dynamic exhibition, that expands the “real-life” scale to a “larger than life, augmented and more technological than real life”.

The first “made in Spain” immersive exhibition, dedicated to the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, opened in September 2019 and was a great success among the public.  Nomad Art’s second production, even more technological and daring, is due to open in November 2021 under the name “The World of Van Gogh”.

The exhibition soundtrack is also unprecedented since on this occasion we asked a young Spanish composer Adrián Berenguer to create an absolutely original and unique soundtrack. It hypnotises the visitors and helps them enter into a sensory trance that will take them away into the magical world of Van Gogh.