“This man would either go mad or leave us all far behind”
– Camille Pissarro –

Welcome to a one of a kind immersive experience!

Discover the world of Van Gogh in a captivating and unique way in the most comprehensive and technologically advanced exhibition to date.

Let your feelings be your guide on this journey of discovery.

Surround yourself with the colours and the moving brushstrokes of the great Dutch artist, get to know him and understand his concerns, enjoy analysing every detail of his work while you let yourself be enveloped by the music.

During this sensory journey, you will not only walk surrounded by his large-scale masterpieces in motion, but you will also witness Van Gogh’s universe come to life. To achieve this, we have used all means available to us, from the most sophisticated animation to smells and music that will awaken and captivate your senses on this journey through his great artistic legacy.

Enjoy the feeling of being inside the never-ending starry night, study every feature of his many self-portraits and breathe the air of his infinite landscapes…

This experience opens the door to the artist’s inner universe, allowing the visitors to see and sense the world through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most famous and enigmatic painters of global art history.

This new didactic way to bring the art to the public will make children and adults alike travel back in time to the middle of the 19th century. On this journey, they will be able to feel the vibrating colours of each brushstroke while they walk among unique works of art.  It is a wonderful way to spend a family day surrounded by art.

Artificial intelligence-assisted animation focuses on colours and shapes and turns the paintings into three-dimensional objects, thus giving them a perspective that the author has consciously left out. This is a perfect way for the youngest visitors to understand his artistic manner because the paintings open up in front of them like a never-closing magic box.

Discover this immersive, unique and original experience, a true feast for your senses.

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